UCSB Leads National Manufacturing Innovation Program

President’s Research Network Aims to Keep Advanced Technology Manufacturing in U.S.

The $1 billion program is a network of institutes in which U.S.industry, academia, and government partners collaborate to develop solutions for the manufacturing sector through government research infrastructure. According to UCSB’s Rod C. Alferness, Dean of the College of Engineering, “Since 2000, there has been a steady trend in the United States, where we discover and develop technology, but companies still do what is financially best. They produce gadgets and infrastructure in other countries.” The program’s goal is to plan and execute new technological processes in an effort to support advanced domestic manufacturing and curb the growing amount of this technology-manufacturing outsourcing.

Wednesday’s event featured presentations by UCSB electrical and computer engineering professors, Umesh Mishra and John Bowers, who discussed their respective roles in NNMI institutes on campus, including working with six Hewlett-Packard employees in UCSB labs.