Events and Seminars for 2014

12/4/2014 12PM ESB 1001

Future Development of GaN Vertical Power Device and Introduction of Our Company, Fuji Electric

11/18/2014 12PM ESB 1001

Basic Ammonothermal Growth of Bulk GaN Crystals

Friday, 10/24/2014, 4-5PM, Elings Hall 1605
The Race for Gallium Nitride Blue Lasers:  A Tribute to Shuji Nakamura
10/21/2014 12PM ESB 1001
First-principles theory of defect-related phenomena in nitrides


Impurities and intrinsic defects play important role in the optical and

electric properties of any semiconductor, and in special, the nitrides.

10/9/2014 12PM ESB 1001

Recent progress in high power blue laser diodes on semipolar 20-2-1 GaN

10/2/2014 12PM ESB 1001
Progress in vertical electron transistors consisting of In0.53Ga0.47As channel and N-polar
Friday, Sep. 26, 2 pm in ESB 2001
AlGaN/GaN transistor-based sensors

5/29/2014 12PM ESB 1001

High Performance Self-aligned AlN/GaN MISHEMT with In-situ SiNx

5/28/2014 12PM ESB 1001

Semipolar AlGaN UV LEDs on Relaxed Buffer Layers

5/14/2014 12PM ESB 1001

Nonpolar VCSELs: Intra-cavity contacts, Aperture Designs, and Active Region Quality  

5/7/2014 12PM ESB 1001

Spontaneous polarization constants in III-nitrides and the importance of a consistent reference structure

3/5/2014 12PM ESB 1001

Sang Ho Oh, ECE GSR
White Lighting Based on Semipolar Blue InGaN/GaN Light-Emitting Diodes

2/28/2014 11:30AM CNSI 1601

Professor Qikun Xue, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University
"From quantized anomalous Hall effect to interface enhanced high temperature superconductivity"



2/26/2014 12PM ESB 1001

Daniel Steiauf, Postdoc, Materials

First Principles Calculations for Auger Recombination Rates in Semiconductor Materials

2/19/2014 12PM ESB 1001

Ludovico Megalini,

"Current Aperture III-N Lasers for High Efficiency Lighting"

2/12/2014 4PM ESB 1001
IEE/CEEM Seminar, Faculty Host: Jim Speck

Jeff Tsao, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Chief Scientist, EFRC for Solid-State-Lightning Science, Sandia National Laboratories
"Solid-State Lightning: Toward Smart & Ultra-Efficient Materials, Devices, Lamps & Systems"

2/7/2014 1:15PM ESB 1001

Professor Debdeep Jena, University of Notre Dame

"New results on III-Nitride physics and devices using MBE heterostructures"

2/7/2014 12PM ESB 1001

Dr. Toufik Sadi and Pyry Kivisaari from Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

"Emission enhancement and plasmonic losses in InGaN quantum wells coupled to metallic gratings"

"Monte Carlo-drift-diffusion simulation of

2/5/2014 12PM ESB 1001

Geetak Gupta, ECE GSR

"Design and Fabrication of III-Nitride Hot Electron Transistors"