Events and Seminars for 2015

Engineering Sciences Building 1001

Seminar title: Correlative investigation of heterostructures by atom probe tomography and transmission electron microscopy

12/3/2015 12PM ESB 1001

In my talk, I will explain why Al2O3 is worth pursuing as a candidate and how we can improve and design a potentially more superior dielectric for GaN by alloying Al2

11/19/2015 12PM ESB 1001

Cabrillo Pavilion Arts Center, 1118 E. Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara, CA



About the Program

11/16/2015 12PM ESB 2001

Michel is a PhD candidate working between CNRS – CRHEA (Valbonne, France) and CEA – LETI (Grenoble, France).

11/12/2015 12PM ESB 1001

Erin Young, Project Scientist , Materials Department

Engineering Sciences Building 1001 and adjacent tent

We are delighted to host the UCSB Solid State Lighting and Energy Electronics Center’s 2nd Annual Review on Thursday, November 5, 2015 for our industry partners and affiliated UCSB researchers, students, and faculty. The cost for non-UCSB personnel to participate is $150.

10/15/2015 12PM ESB 1001


8/17/2015 2PM ESB 1001

Nitrides Seminar - Dr. Shermin Arab, Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California


5/13/2015 12PM ESB 1001
Nonpolar Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting
5/6/2015 12PM ESB 1001

Title:  Eureka!  Now What?  An Overview of How to Get Your Inventions P

4/28/2015 - 7:30PM - UCSB’s Campbell Hall
The Bright Future of Lighting
3/11/2015 12PM ESB 1001

Origin of electrons emitted into vacuum from InGaN light emitting diodes

3/4/2015 12PM ESB 100

Introduction of Sodium Flux Growth of Bulk GaN at UCSB

2/25/2015 12PM ESB 1001

N-Polar Deep Recess HEMTs for W-Band Power Applications

Friday, Feb. 13th in ESB 1001

“Bipolar Monte Carlo simulation of current transport in III-N LEDs”