Events and Seminars for 2019

11/19/2019 12PM ESB 1001

Lesley Chan Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California-Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

11/12/2019 12PM ESB 1001

Athith Krishna and Aditya Raj

11/12/2019 11AM ESB 1001

Vladimir Matias

10/23/2019 12PM ESB 1001

ScN is a semiconducting nitride that has the rocksalt crystal structure and is almost lattice matched to GaN.

10/3/2019 12PM ESB 1001

III-Nitride Optoelectronics with Nonbasal Crystal Orientations

Morteza Monavarian, Research Scientist, Materials Department, University of California Santa Barbara

9/27/2019 12PM CORRECTION Elings 1601

Dr. Kei May Lau

7/19/2019 11AM ESB 1001

Dr. Nicolas Volet

5/23/2019 12PM ESB 1001

Haojun Zhang, Graduate Student Researcher, DenBaars Group

UCSB ECE Department

Semipolar III-nitride distributed-feedback blue laser diode with a first-order Indium Tin Oxide surface grating

5/15/2019 12PM ESB 1001

Professor Steven Denbaars will speak about the history and key developments in GaN-Based Photonics and Electronics at UCSB

5/9/2019 12PM ESB 1001
High Flux Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy (PAMBE) for InGaN Alloys
5/2/2019 12PM ESB 1001

MBE of Gallium Oxide: Material Development for Future

4/30/2019 10AM MRL 2053

Farsane Tabataba-Vakili

4/18/2019 12PM ESB 1001

This seminar will discuss the basic forms of intellectual property in the United States with an emphasis on patents, including what patents cover, what protections they provide, the anatomy of

3/22/2019 12PM ESB 1001

Towards the limits of GaN electronics:

3/22/2019 4PM Elings Hall 1605

Tunnel junctions (TJ) contacts in the III-Nitride light-emitti

3/12/2019 12:30PM ESB 1001

Idea Generation in Material Research

2/12/2019 12PM Elings Hall 1605

1) Monolithic High-Contrast Grating as a versatile mirror for novel VCSEL designs

2/8/2019 2PM Engr II 3519
Special Seminar Announcement!