Nitrides Seminar - Haojun Zhang, Graduate Student Researcher

5/23/2019 12PM ESB 1001

Haojun Zhang, Graduate Student Researcher, DenBaars Group

UCSB ECE Department

Semipolar III-nitride distributed-feedback blue laser diode with a first-order Indium Tin Oxide surface grating

III-nitride materials system based distributed feedback laser diodes (DFB-LD) are gaining attention in many emerging and important applications such as atomic clocks, quantum computing, and visible light communication systems. These applications benefit from single frequency operation, precise wavelength tuning and high output power afforded by a DFB-LD, as well as the improvements in efficiency, size, cost and reliability compared to current approaches based on expensive and bulky external cavity lasers.

In this talk, a novel approach to realize DFB gratings on GaN based laser diodes will be presented and high power CW operation with a decent mode suppression ratio is achieved under this approach. Such approach, by taking advantage of residual mode penetration into the ITO surface grating, avoids the difficulties of epitaxial regrowth and also allows scaling to wider laser ridges and thus offers a higher light output power, which is essential for many DFB-LD applications.