Nitrides Seminar - Nicholas Adamski, Graduate Student Researcher

5/15/2018 12PM ESB 1001

The II-IV-nitrides are a promising semiconducting materials system, with band gaps that span the visible spectrum and into the UV. ZnGeN2 has a band gap of 3.19 eV, and can be alloyed with Si or Sn to produce band gaps that range from 4.95 eV to 1.40 eV. Low lattice mismatch between ZnGeN2 and GaN (1%) enables these materials to be integrated with the III-nitrides and expands the design space for nitride electronic and optoelectronic devices. To enable these promising applications, an in-depth knowledge of the electronic and structural properties of the II-IV-nitrides and the role of point defects and impurities is required.