Nitrides Seminar - Panpan Li

5/17/2022 12:00PM ESB 1001 & via Zoom

Nitrides Seminar

Tuesday,May 17,2022, 12:00PM

Attend in person at ESB 1001!


Zoom option also available

Meeting ID: 824 7163 3133             Passcode: 248577


Panpan Li
Graduate Student Researcher, DenBaars Group

University of California, Santa Barbara


Micro-LEDs with MOCVD-grown tunnel junctions and properties of efficient InGaN red Micro-LEDs


Micro-size light-emitting diodes (μLEDs) have attracted huge attentions as the next-generation display technology for the wide applications, such as wearable watches, virtual/augmented reality, micro-projectors, and ultra-large televisions. InGaN-based red μLEDs have become research focus now. In this talk, I will discuss about the development of tunnel junction for GaN μLEDs grown by MOCVD, including the selective area growth (SAG) and p+GaN/InGaN/n+GaN structure. Second, I will talk about the advantages of InGaN red μLEDs over AlInGaP μLEDs, including size independent EQE and robust thermal stability. Also, I will share about the recent results about the efficiency InGaN red μLEDs and ultra-small size 5×5 μm 2 InGaN red μLEDs.


HOST: Dr. Tal Margalith