Professor Ram Seshadri's Fred and Linda R. Wudl Endowed Chair Inaugural Lecture

5/2/2018 3PM ESB 1001

You are cordially invited to a lecture and reception honoring the recipient of the Fred and Linda R. Wudl Endowed Chair in Materials:

Professor Ram Seshadri

Wednesday May 2nd, 2018
3:00-5:30 pm
Engineering Science Building 1001

“Ram and Fred’s Excellent Adventures in Functional Organic and Hybrid Materials”

Most organic materials (as distinct from organic molecules) have not traditionally belonged to the class of materials that we refer to as “functional”. This changed with the recognition of piezoelectric polymers in the 1960s, and the growth of organic semiconductors, charge-transfer salts, metals, and superconductors, soon thereafter. Fred played a key role in this growth, including through the introduction of tetrathiafulvalene or TTF. I will present some of this early work, and then address what we have jointly accomplished more recently in the area of batteries and organic semiconductors, including some new forays into TTF-containing compounds.

Reception to follow.