Steven DenBaars is a guest speaker at UCSB PHOTONICS SOCIETY MTG

5/15/2019 12PM ESB 1001

Professor Steven Denbaars will speak about the history and key developments in GaN-Based Photonics and Electronics at UCSB

Summary: In this talk I will highlight the history of GaN research at UCSB, and some of the key breakthroughs and technologies developed by the faculty, students and staff. Starting with one MOCVD system, UCSB Faculty were the first University world-wide to achieve a blue GaN Laser in 1997. This was shortly after Shuji Nakamura demonstrated the first lasing in an Industrial Lab in Japan. In 2000, Prof. Shuji Nakamura joined the Faculty and along with Prof. DenBaars, Prof James Speck and Prof. Umesh Mishra co-founded the Solid State Lighting and Energy Electronics Center(SSLEEC), which has now become one of the largest academic GaN based Photonic and Electronic research centers in the world. The SSLEEC Center has educated over 100 PhDs, and hosted numerous visiting researchers. SSLEEC has played a key role in developing numerous breakthroughs technologies such as surface roughening, RF GaN HEMTs, on-polar, semi-polar diodes, tunnel junctions, high power lasers, Micro-LED displays, UV LEDs and VCSELs. LEDs fabricated from some of these developments have led to the realization of high-efficiency Solid-State Lighting, which the Dept. of Energy estimates will save the equivalent annual electrical output of about fifty 1,000-megawatt power plants. At today’s energy prices, that would equate to approximately $30 billion in energy savings in 2030 alone.

Looking into the future we see next generation GaN Laser Diode based solid state lighting as impacting high brightness specialty lighting. We have demonstrated laser based white lighting with luminous efficacies of 87 lm/watt, and over 1000 lumens from a single emitter. In addition, tunnel junctions have been employed to achieve vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) in the blue spectral region. Blue and green lasers and Micro-LEDs based on GaN materials are expected to enable new full color projections displays for cinema, office and augmented reality(AR)applications.

Biography: Dr. DenBaars is a Distinguished Professor of Materials and ECE, and currently Co-Director of the Solid-State Lighting Center at UC Santa Barbara. Prof. DenBaars has been in the semiconductor business for over 30 years starting with his prior work at Hewlett-Packard Optoelectronics division, and involvement in over 3 GaN startups. Specific research interests include growth of wide-band gap semiconductors (GaN based), and their application to Blue LEDs, Laser, Transistors and lasers and energy efficient solid state lighting. This research has led to over 911 scientific publications and over 168 U.S. patents on electronic materials and devices. He has received ~45,000 citations and realized an h-factor of 97. He is an IEEE Fellow(2007), and received the IEEE Aron Kressel Award(along w/ Prof. James Speck), He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering(NAE) (2012), and elected Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (2014).