Coldren, Larry
Wednesday, February 14, 2024, 6:00 pm

Laser tech expert, Professor Larry Coldren, wins prestigious ISCS Heinrich Welker Award


James Badham

Larry Coldren, who became a giant in laser technology during 37 years as a professor in the departments of materials, and electrical and computer engineering, won the prestigious ISCS Heinrich Welker Award. He joins emeritus professor and Nobel Laureate Herbert Kroemer and current College of Engineering dean, Umesh Mishra, among previous Welker Award recipients.

Over his career Coldren has received many of engineering’s top awards and honors, primarily in recognition of his contributions to semiconductor lasers and photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and their role in the opto-electronics revolution. The Welker Award is different; it recognizes high achievement in materials technology, resulting in seminal contributions to tunable lasers, vertical cavity lasers and photonic integrated circuits.

“It's always a very nice honor to receive an award,” Coldren said. “Nearly all of my other awards have been for devices, but the organization that gives this one is interested more in the materials aspects. They're looking at the expertise required to create the materials and make the devices, more than the use of the devices. It’s from the standpoint of growing the materials and getting them into the right shape.”