July 29, 2021

Congratulations to Materials alumnus Siddha Pimputkar, an assistant professor of materials science and engineering, who is the recipient of the 2021 American Association for Crystal Growth (AACG) 

July 06, 2021
Light-Up Africa: Transitioning to Efficient-LEDs Presents an Opportunity for Green Economic Growth By News Ghana
July 01, 2021

Panpan Li's paper, "Demonstration of high efficiency cascaded blue and green micro-light-emitting diodes with independent junction control," was published on Applied Physics Letters.  It was selected as a feature on Scilight. Congratulations! 

June 02, 2021
2DEGs formed in AlN/GaN HEMT structures with AlN grown at low temperature 
May 25, 2021

Materials graduate student Caroline Reilly has been selected as a 2021 recipient of the University Award of Distinction, given to students who have contributed greatly to the quality of life by giving unselfish service to others within a particular area.

UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang has presided over commencements since 1995.
May 25, 2021

Pacific Coast Business Times' Business Times Hall of Fame: UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang

Our 2021 Business Hall of Fame celebrates the remarkable achievements of UC Santa Barbara Chancellor Henry Yang, the University's longest serving chancellor in its history. This event will also celebrate our three 2020 Hall of Fame honorees - Lee Cole, Pam Lopker and Dick Rush - as we were unable to properly recognize them last year when the pandemic forced us to shelve our 20th anniversary celebration. 

May 10, 2021

Prof. Steven P. DenBaars The Quantum Devices Award, May 10, 2021

For the development and commercialization of non-polar and semi-polar quantum well laser diodes in laser lighting, automotive and general illumination

May 10, 2021

Prof. John E. Bowers receives the IPRM Award 2021, May 10, 2021

For contribution to the development of III-V/Si photonics and heterogeneous integration techniques with the pioneering demonstration of hybrid indium phosphide/Si laser.

February 27, 2021
Steven DenBaars and Shuji Nakamura to be honored at the 2021 Central Coast Innovation Awards
January 07, 2021

Caroline Reilly was selected to present at the The North American Materials Colloquium Series (NAMCS) during the Spring 2021 series! This is an exceptional honor! Congratulations, Caroline! 

Viewing sessions are synchronous for those two days (with Q&A), scheduled on Feb. 11 at 12pm PST & Feb. 12 at 1PM PST (2021). Please contact Yukina (yukina [at] if you wish to receive the links for Feb. 11 & 12 (different links for each day).

January 05, 2021
Pavel Shapturenka received a CSP Technologies Teacher-Scholar Fellowship. As a part of the award, each CSP Fellow co-teach an undergraduate course with a faculty mentor (Gordon).