Events and Seminars

7/31/2017 10:30AM ESB 1001

LED-Based Visible Light Communication Systems –  Driver SoC Design and Practical Applications


5/3/2017 12PM ESB 1001

The material properties of GaN are well suited for fabricating transistors used in mm-wave (30-300 GHz) power amplification. While most efforts have historically focused on HEMTs grown in the Ga-polar orientation, our work uses the N-polar orientation.

4/26/2017 12PM ESB 1001

“Eureka!  (Now what?):  Patents and other Intellectual Property Rights”


CREST and Monash University, Malaysia

3/16/2017 12PM ESB 1001

Abstract: According to the US Department of Energy, solid-state lighting (SSL) technology could

reduce by 75% the US lighting energy consumption by the end of 2035. The last ten years have

2/8/2017 12PM ESB 1001

Talk title: Unintentional Ga incorporation in AlN films grown by MOCVD

2/3/2017 1:30-3:45PM ESB 2001

We have special visitors giving technical talks, hosted by Dr. Stacia Keller.

1:30 p.m.

Prof. Axel Hoffmann

1/27/2017 12PM ESB 2001

Title:  Calcium impurity as a source of non-radiative recombination in (In,Ga)N grown by MBE



1/5/2017 4PM ESB 1001
Kei May Lau