• Electronic Materials growth and fabrication of new semiconductor devices.
  • MOCVD of III-V compound semiconductor materials and devices (InP, GaN)
  • Special interests include the effect of materials properties on device performance Blue LEDs, Blue Lasers, MicroLEDs, and High Temperature, High Power Electronic Devices.


  • Central Coast Innovation Award, 2021
  • National Academy of Inventors Fellow 2014
  • Aron Kressel Award – IEEE Photonics Society, 2010
  • Japanese Science of Applied Physics (JSAP) Outstanding Paper Award for “Demonstration of Nonpolar m-Plane InGaN/GaN Laser Diode”, 2008
  • Co-Founder, Soraa, 2008
  • Viterbi Award, USC Distinguished Alumni Award, University of Southern California, 2007
  • IEEE Fellow, 2005
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Chair in Solid State Lighting and Displays, 2005
  • Chairman, MOVPE Conference, 2004
  • Scientific Advisor, Cree Lighting Co., 2000-2021
  • Young Scientist Award, Intl. Symposium on Compound Semiconductors, 1998
  • Chairman, LEOS Topical Conference on Gallium Nitride, 1997
  • Co-Founder, Nitres Inc., 1997
  • Co-Organizer, Fall MRS Symposium on GaN Materials, 1997
  • VBL Visiting Professor Fellowship, Nagoya University, 1996
  • NSF Young Investigator Award, 1994-99
  • Best Paper Award, Electronic Materials Conference, 1987

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Professor of Materials, University of California Santa Barbara