Yao, Yifan

Nitrides Seminar - Yifan Yao



Attend in person at ESB 1001!
Zoom option also available
Meeting ID: 865 3080 7040             Passcode: 691544

Yifan Yao

Graduate Student Researcher, Nakamura Group
University of California, Santa Barbara


Development of high efficiency AlGaN-based ultraviolet LEDs on sapphire by MOCVD

AlGaN-based ultraviolet LEDs attract significant interests recently for their versatile applications. Germicidal irradiation in the UV-C wavelengths can combat future pandemic outbreaks while wavelengths in the longer UV-B/UV-A range have niche applications in biochemical sensing and medical treatment. However, commercial AlGaN-based ultraviolet LEDs have limited efficiency due to many challenges this ultrawide bandgap material poses in the epitaxial MOCVD growth, device design and fabrication techniques. In this talk, Yifan will talk about some of the difficulties that causes AlGaN-based ultraviolet LEDs to be much less efficient than visible InGaN counterparts, present some approaches to improve their efficiency, and demonstrate some world-class performance UV LEDs at multiple wavelengths.